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Trogir Travel Team

Noi rappresentiamo il Trogir Travel Team. I nostri nomi sono Marija, Josip, Mario e Tomo . Saremo lieti di darvi il benvenuto nel nostro paese . Il nostro obiettivo più importante è quello di offrire ai nostri clienti un servizio turistico di alta qualita con professionalita.

Chi ha scelto le vacanze Trogir Travel , ha scelto uno stile di vita, anche di viaggio. Ha scelto l’originalità, la libertà. Ha scelto di non essere turista ma persona in viaggio.

Trogir Travel un servizio di qualità con il sorriso 🙂  Scopri il ‘vero spirito’ di Trogir.


Our guest says

  • This island was very nice. Clean water, fishes. On sunny day really good activity. Be careful with sun - hat is recommended and bottle of water too of course. We were with 2 families and enjoyed it.

    Pritt O

  • Kayaking was a wonderful experience to all of us. Mario, picked us from Trogir with a small boat and after 10 minutes we were in Seget, a beautiful fishing town were our adventure started. We headed to the Blue Lagoon were we spent around one hour resting, swimming and preparing for the kayaking tour.
    After getting brief instructions from our guide about how to paddle we took the kayaks and started paddling in the clear blue waters heading to the opposite bay which was as beautiful as all the marvelous bays in Croatia. It was a real fun and adventure at the same time to direct our kayaks in the sea to our destination. My kids were happy and excited with all this. I liked this adventure a lot and I recommend it to all who loves nature and trips in the sea.


  • I had an amazing time kayaking around the old city Trogir.This was the most informative experience I had in Trogir and the guide was knowledgeable, friendly and informative.They do stop quite often to tell you the history of the buildings. There is a one hour stop in one of the sandy beaches where you have a chance to snorkel and swim.I highly recommend this ...

    Mir J