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 Our aim is to take you places where you can feel and taste the ‘real spirit’ of  Croatia and especially Trogir, Split area.

 One day tours or group travel, day adventure to nearby Island or multi days adventures in unknown parts of Croatia. We even give you the chance to get known those authentic places which most tourist don’t get to! Tours which not only deliver authentic local experiences to our clients, but we also take active steps to care for the destination they travel to. These features together with the beautiful natural environment are why Croatia is considered the one of the most ideal places on earth to spend a relaxing and interesting holiday.

Contact us, let yourself go and enjoy.  Let our team of experts take care of you and spend a pleasant and interesting holiday in Croatia . We encourage you to share with us more detailed information about what you want for your vacation, what kind of accommodation, which excursions, your preferences so that we can arrange a holiday according to your wishes!

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