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Rent a kayak

Rent a kayak

Rent a kayak Trogir, easy to learn, great for the Adriatic Sea and comfortable for a small and large paddlers, the Tri-Yak is ideal for couples, families and friends. Always in demand because of its versatility, the Tri-Yak is often seen carrying snorkelers, picnicker, fisherman or those seeking a longer trek. It is great platform for swimming-just jump on and of. Its self-draining cockpit will take care of the extra water.So easy to use and fun. It will unleash your inner spirit.

If you do not like to be part of group you wish create your own trip and you want to decide how long would you like to paddle and when to stop, renting a kayak is perfect way for you to create your own trip. We provide you with maps, weather forecast, accommodation information and of course all accessories and equipment…
Reserve Kayak NOW and enjoy with your family next summer in exploring a beach and beautiful places on Trogir Riviera.

Regarding our rent services we advice you ; slow down, relax, ,revitalize your senses exploring nature, open your eyes and look carefully, touch nature around you and feel life in it. Share with us and many others the pleasure of living your own holiday moving through beautiful landscapes, towns and villages; let your feet or your boat take you to the next experience, the next encounter or, as it often happens, just let it take you back to your true self.

Trogir Travel Rent a Team – quality service with the smile 🙂

Time Kn / €
1 day 33€
3 days
5 days
7 days