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Group to national parks in Croatia

Group to national parks in Croatia


Small group tours to national parks in Croatia, is a nature adventure program for a groups, family or friends to experience the nature of Croatia. Spend a day or  few days in this unknown and untouched area of Croatia. Discover many quiet unspoiled area in Croatia as a National park Krka or National park Plitvička Jezera.

Enjoy walks through the stunning Krka National Park, and have fun splashing around in the Krka Waterfalls.  There is also free time to go exploring on your own and visiting many UNESCO sites that are in close range. Visit Plivice Lakes, the path takes you across Upper Lakes, and then it’s time for a magical boat ride within the sound of the waterfalls to Lower Lakes. Wherever you are in Plitivice’s it’s easy to see why its formations are such an extraordinary natural phenomenon.

The barriers, sills and other forms created in these lakes, karst rivers and streams is still an ongoing process that shapes the wonderful landscapes that make your walk through the park so enjoyable. Its these same travertine formations that have and are still creating the numerous magnificent waterfalls here. Over time, the water changes its course, leaving some barriers dry as it deposits new layers elsewhere. This constant evolution makes the Plitvice Lakes never look the same.  The best way to actually see this happening is when you are standing in front of the Great fall, 78 meters high. The roaring thunder of the water as it hits the ground is unforgettable!

This tours are for real travelers, who seek out both the highlights of a destination and true experiences of local culture. Our aim is to discover for you those places where you can feel and taste the ‘real spirit’ of Croatia.

Slow down, relax, touch nature around you and feel life in it.  Share with us and many others the pleasure of living your own holiday moving through beautiful landscapes.

Trogir Travel, quality service with the smile 🙂

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  • Plitvice Lakes tour  from Trogir
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  • Plitvice Lakes tour  from Trogir
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  • Plitvice Lakes tour  from Trogir
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Detailed Itinerary

For a groups

What can be included

  • Activities
    • Visit Krka national park
    • Visit Plitvice national park
    • Visit national park Kornati

Visit national park  Krka Waterfalls

This morning you’ll drive to Krka National Park, renowned for its magnificent waterfalls cascading over 17 natural barriers. Enjoy walks through the national park and have free time to splash around the rivers and waterfalls. Lunch optional at a restaurant with a panoramic view of the National Park.Visit city of Šibenik and Cathedrale St.Jacob. Driving back home at late afternoon. The rest of the evening is at leisure.


Plitvice Lakes  with our comfortable, air-conditioned mini-van or bus will pick you up at the pre-arranged location. You will be accompanied by our professional, licensed English-speaking tour guide. The unity and harmony of the 16 lakes and their rare natural and cultural value is not only famous throughout Croatia, but also worldwide.  Arriving at Plitvice, we’ll walk through wooden paths led by our experienced guide. The path takes you across Upper Lakes, and then it’s time for a magical boat ride within the sound of the waterfalls to Lower Lakes. Wherever you are in Plitivice’s it’s easy to see why its formations are such an extraordinary natural phenomenona.


You can stay in hotels, villas or apartments located in any part of Croatia.  We will try to organize and offers you accommodation in Croatia regarding your booked  activities on your itinerary at the best available rates.

Practical Information if you want to make this trip all inclusive

WHY YOU SHOULD BOOK WITH US - Our expert will map out your entire trip, with insider recommendations about tours and Croatia, what to do and when to go

Meals - optional in places of excursion or local restaurant

Transfer - from the airport, to the airport or any other place you would like to go in your free time can be organized

Flight - You can book this trip with an inclusive flight. We are working with major aircompanies such as SAS, Germanwings, Norwegian, CroatiaAirlines, Lufthansa, Rayanair and many more.


The weather in Croatia on the coast is a Mediterranean type of climate with warm sunny summers and mild winters. It is of course impossible to predict the precise weather conditions you will encounter during the course of your holiday. However, we do schedule our holidays to coincide with what should be the most suitable weather periods. Seasonal variations and localised weather conditions, as well as unseasonal weather means you should always be prepared for inclement weather including rain and storms. As a general rule daytime temperatures will be higher than night time and increases/decreases in altitude during the course of a trip usually means temperature variations. As a general rule temperatures decrease by 1ºC for every 200 metre increase in altitude.

Is this right for your group?

This is a great fun active holiday, exploring the national parks in Croatia. No previous experience in anything included in the tour is required as full instruction and all safety equipment is provided. You can explore the local historical towns of  Croatia and  a UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as relaxing on the beaches .


Finally, our in-house specialists will seamlessly help you book the activities on your itinerary at the best available rates.


Ask us about destination you visit and get help from our local team.


On request! 

Depends on type of accommodation, time of year, number of people etc. But we oblige to find you all within your budget possibilities and wishes.

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