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Okrug Donji

Okrug Donji

Okrug Donji tourist information


Okrug Donji   is located in the southwest, a top district in the western part of the island of Ciovo. Okrug Donji is located 3 km from Okrug Gornji and 8 km from Trogir, on the very tip of the island of Ciovo.

Pine trees, untouched crystal clear sea, fields of olives, stone and macchia, fields of oranges, vineyards and the sea view while at the same time you see hills rise above Seget.  There are many places where you can enjoy nature and stay in peace and quite enjoying the sun and sea. Also there are some monuments worth of visiting.

In the area called Racetinovac is where the remains of an summer house Racettin from the 17th century are. It is on the edge of the coast line and along with the nature around it and sea in front creates an unforgettable view.

Okrug Donji provides many opportunities for enjoyable holidays. We recommend that you rent a bike or scooter and explore the unspoiled nature of the area.

Some of the parts we would recommend to go visit is the beach called Duga that is on the other side of the island on your way from Okrug Gornji to Okrug Donji. The auto camp Labadusa is also near and is on a part of the island that is isolated. Around the camp there are just a few bars and the bay is simply gorgeous.

As for the beaches in Okrug Donji, there are many but you have to explore. Once you find it you will not regret going there since there will be non or few people there so you will relax and enjoy. Just remember to take food and drinks with you.


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