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Ciovo tourist information


Čiovo is a small island located in the Adriatic coast in Croatia connected with the town Trogir with a bridge. It is a kind of extension to the city. Trogir is the historical part and Čiovo is a place of relaxation, fun, swimming and more. It also has some monuments and a rich Mediterranean vegetation.

The most beautiful beaches are the hidden bays if you like privacy. The combination of nature, beaches, amazing climate will definitely make it unforgettable. Some of the areas are those kind of places you can call heaven like Mavarštica, Kava near Slatine and Kava near Okrug Donji.

There are more than 20km walking trails on the island that you can go through with a bike. You can also hire scooters or quad bikes to tour the island, or take a day trip on a boat to inaccessible coves. Diving is also popular on Ciovo – you can dive to the unusual red rocks and an underwater wall covered in sea life.

Major crops include olives, figs, almonds, vines and citrus fruit. The locals are often making their own product from those plants, so go ahead and try some of those. You will get the know the culture of the place.

On the island there are several villages: Arbanija, Žedno, Okrug Gornji, Okrug Donji, Slatine, Prizidnica and others. Each of those places have their unique charm.

There is one place on the island that is very important and will give you a special feel. It is on the other side of Slatine and you can get there by car. It is a beautiful small church built on a very steep cliff. To this day it is unknown how they got the rocks to build it there. When you see it you will know why. The nature around is untouched and the sight gives a sense of peace. You can also take a swim when you go downstairs from the church area. There is no entrance fee. But avoid going with a car on the  15th August because that is when the pilgrimage is taking place.


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