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Sessa Keylaro 20


Lenght: ● Width: ● Engine: ● Max. speed: ● Fuel tank: ● Fresh water tank: ● Persons: ● No. cabins/berths: ● Built year:





Price list

01,01-25,05, 890€
26,05-19,06, 990€
20,06,-30,06, 1090€
01,07-31,08, 1490€
01,09-15,09, 990€
16,09-30,09 890€
01,10-31,12, 790€
Security Deposit 800€

Daily price rate

01,01,-25,05, 180€
25,05,-19,06, 200€
20,06,-30,06, 220€
01,07,-31,08, 260€
01,09,-15,09, 220€
16,09,-30,09, 200€
01,10,-31,12, 180€
Security Deposit 800€

  • Renter must possess and present a valid boating permit together with a passport or an acceptable national ID Card.
  • Multi day rent means rent from 09:00h on the first day until 18:00h on the last day of rental. One day rental is also from 09:00 – 18:00.
  • Boats can be chartered bareboat or with skipper. Skipper service is not included in the price.
  • The rental price does not include a fuel. The boat is taken over with the full fuel tank and, and has to be returned with the full tank, too. Also, you can pay for the fuel used by the end of the lease, our base staff will gladly offer you a service to fill the tank for you.
  • In addition to the renting fee, the charterer should pay a security deposit through the time of the charter period as per charter agreement depending in amount on the type of the rented boat. Security deposit will be refunded after the expiry of the lease and after returning the boat at the same condition and with all associated equipment as found at the start of renting to the charterer.
  • All boats are full kasko insured, passengers are insured up to maximum permitted number of passengers on the boat.


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