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Rent a bike

Rent a bike

Rent a bike Trogir Travel, best place for rent a bike in Trogir – If you want to make your vacation interesting and sports oriented at the same time do not  hesitate to rent a bike. With every bike you get a helmet plus lock and  key.

Bike is a perfect choice for exploring nature, improving your health, driving through small and narrow streets and discovering rich cultural heritage of city Trogir and it is surrounding! It is suitable for trekking and climbing ways, for recreation teams as well as for the individual tours. You can take a nice bike tour an we can advice you on where to go and which roads are the best. There are many nice places to see and explore. It is much easier to get around with a bike and you can go where no motor vehicle can go. The nature is beautiful and you will enjoy it. If you maybe get tired you can always jump in the cool see on one of the many beaches or have a drink and relax before you continue you way. The sky is you limit.

If you need any assistance, information or something else feel free to ask. We want to make you holiday as good as possible. See you!


Time Kn / €
1-6h 100kn / 14€
1 day 120kn / 16€
3 days 300kn / 40€
7 days 600kn / 80€